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If you haven't played with cracks and blitzes, the concept is quite simple. If you do not have a chance to pick and are not the partner, you can "crack" to double the stakes of the hand. People crack when they think they have a good enough hand to win. The picker or partner can "crack back" if either of them wishes.

The picker can red blitz (both red queens) or black blitz (both black queens) if they have the queens before they pick. It is also possible to blitz when you crack if you have both queens. If the picker blitzes in and gets cracked, they cannot blitz crack with the same queens. Although not available at get61, some people play that the partner can blitz. All blitzing must take place prior to the start of the hand.
A hand settled by Schwanzer criteria occurs when no one picks. Each player's hand is scored: 3 points for queens, 2 for jacks, and 1 for other diamonds. If two players tie for most points, the highest card loses the Schwanzer, and they pay each of the other players 1 point. When playing JD Partner, the person with the jack of diamonds can't lose. While it's tempting to overengineer Schwanzer criteria, the decision was made to keep it simple and handle the option as described.
When no one picks, it's also possible to play a leaster or redeal with double the stakes (doubler). The winner of a leaster is someone who takes at least one trick and takes in the fewest points. If there is a tie for fewest, each player tying for fewest points gets a point from the losers at the table. The player who takes the last trick also takes the cards in the blind.
Some people wish to play only with friends and family. To do this, one of the players in the group should join a table in the top seat. Once in the table, click the Admin button toward the bottom of the screen and check the box next to "Make Table Private". Then click the "Submit" button. Next, invite each player one at a time. The "Eligible Players To Invite" dropdown will contain all players who are in the room and not already at a table with a game in progress.
This is a relatively new feature that allows players to watch another table. Watchers are not allowed to see anyone's cards, and there are no plans for allowing it. Watchers are allowed to chat with the others at the table.
Double on the bump means that the picking team pays double the points if they lose.