Interactive Demo Environment

If you are learning to play Sheepshead for the first time, the first thing to know is there is no one right way to play. In generations past, families played at gatherings for hours and would argue (usually loudly) about plays that were made. In a night of Sheepshead, there are many plays to argue over and second-guess. There is deep complexity in the game that is hard for a beginner to appreciate. To get started, it is best to have some basic rules you will find yourself breaking occasionally as you advance in skill.

The word rule has two meanings. First, there are rules of the game, things you must do for a play to be allowed. A great place to learn the basic rules is at You can also buy a Sheepshead t-shirt there for a limited time.

The other use of the word rules refers to rules of strategy. "If this then do that". This is where the game gets complicated. Learn the basics at advanced tips and tricks page at the tips and tricks related specifically to call ace such as the section titled Opposition Should Always Lead The Called Ace Suit and Partner Should Not Lead The Called Ace.

A number of demo hands below have been prepared with links below. Each contains explanations why the recommended play should be made. Because it's a demo, the path through each hand is forced. That is, if you click on a card the demo is not expecting, it will tell you why you should play a different card. As per the explanation above, other plays might be reasonable in a given situation, sometimes one play needed to be chosen.