Thank you for considering a donation. Your pledge will improve the site!

A number of people have asked about contributing to the site to help with expenses. I wanted to make something available to make a voluntary payment to the site for those who have means and are willing. These payments will be used to pay for technology costs and marketing activities. I think we can all agree that the thing we need most to improve the site is more players.

It cannot be emphasized enough that contributions are voluntary. This is NOT intended as a gateway to a required subscription. It is intended that it will always be free to play Sheepshead here.

You can make a contribution in one of two ways. You can enter a dollar amount in the box at the bottom of the page, click the Make Donation button, and fill out the form. Alternatively, you can pay jeremyget61@gmail.com at paypal.com.

Enter an amount in US dollars and click the Make Donation button. When the payment form pops up, confirm your donation amount by taking note of the dollar amount on the Pay button.

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