Not long ago, people wishing to play Sheepshead online could do so on Yahoo!. When Yahoo! ended their games section, many of us were left looking for another way to find a game. offers the community of Sheepshead players a new place to play online with a long-term vision of creating features that go beyond what Yahoo! offered. As get61 is created by a fellow Sheepshead player from Wisconsin, the site will benefit from continued engagement by its creator.

get61 Sheepshead can be played on your laptop, tablet, and on your phone in your browser. You can play Sheepshead on the go or in your living room with friends or perfect strangers. Options can be set to support call an ace or jack of diamonds. Pickers can be penalized with double on the bump or blitzes and cracks. A player on defense that did not have a chance to pick can crack the picker to double the stakes of the hand. The defense would only want to do this if a defensive player believe it is very likely they will win the hand. There is a risk that the picker can recrack doubling the stakes again. A blitz occurs when a player has both red queens or both black queens. When a player with either set of queens picks, they can double the stakes of the hand by blitzing. Similarly, a player wishing to crack and holding either set of queens can blitz crack, quadrupling the stakes of the hand at once.

As you play on the site, please be as civil as possible. It can be frustrating when other players cost your team a hand. As much as a misplay takes some fun out of a game, verbal abuse for a mistake takes even more fun out of the game. When conversing with another player about the outcome of a hand, ask yourself if what you are about to say would be appropriate if you were 10 years old and you were addressing your grandmother.